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Living in Emerald Hills, Hollywood: Is It the Right Choice for You?

You’ve heard of Emerald Hills, Hollywood. Maybe from a friend, maybe from a fleeting news article, or perhaps it’s just one of those places that’s been on the edge of your radar. But what’s the real story behind those palm-lined streets and sunshine-glowing homes? With the bustling urban centers of Florida drawing attention, it’s easy to gloss over the subtler gems. Let’s discover Emerald Hills. By the end, you might find yourself browsing for Emerald Hills FL homes for sale.

A Snapshot of Emerald Hills

Let’s start by painting a picture. Imagine a place where the sun always seems to shine a little brighter, casting a warm glow on neat rows of houses. That’s Emerald Hills for you. With 7,000 residents and a median age of 42, it’s neither too crowded nor too secluded.

Now, speaking numbers, if you ever casually type Emerald Hills, FL, homes for sale into a search engine, you’ll find that the median home price here is around $500,320. As for the residents? They have a median household income of $91,077, and individual earners bring in about $56,344 on average. It’s a community where prosperity and peace coexist.

Know Your Neighbors

Moving to a new place is about more than just the house. It’s about the people next door, across the street, and around the corner. In Emerald Hills, there’s a kind of camaraderie. Here, 84% of the homes are owner-occupied. That’s a lot of neighbors who care deeply about their community, given that they own a piece of it. And most houses? They bustle with an average of 2.5 members – perfect for those evening neighborhood potlucks or Sunday barbecues.

Walkability and Transit in Emerald Hills

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a checklist for your ideal place. Somewhere in there, perhaps between “good schools” and “awesome dining spots,” you’ve written: “Can I walk to get my morning coffee?” Here’s the thing about Emerald Hills – its walk score is 35. Now, what does that mean? In simple terms, for most errands, you’d want a car. But there’s a flip side: tranquility. With fewer folks walking to and fro, you get a peaceful environment.

However, don’t ditch that bicycle just yet! With a bike score of 38, two-wheel trips are doable. And if you’re thinking about the broader commute, note that the transit score is 27. The main arteries include the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and the ever-accessible I-95 freeway. Plus, for our eco-conscious pals, Emerald Hills is making strides with 3 level-2 charging points for electric vehicles.

A Glimpse into Schools and Education

Now, let’s talk about the younger ones. If you’re a parent, or even if you’re thinking long-term, schools are pivotal. The elementary schools here, like Somerset Academy Davie Charter School, are top-tier. But it doesn’t stop there. The middle schools and high schools maintain that gold standard of education. That consistency? Golden. It means as your child grows, they continue to get the best.

But don’t just take our word for it. Places like Niche have given these schools their stamp of approval. Though, a bit of advice:

  • Always drop by these institutions.
  • Get a feel for them.
  • Maybe chat with a teacher or two.

The web can tell you a lot, but a personal visit? That’s irreplaceable.

Leisure and Recreation

When you’re not working or schooling, what’s there to do in Emerald Hills? Think lush green golf courses, pristine parks, and buzzing community centers. The Emerald Hills Golf Course, for instance, isn’t just for the pros. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or just enjoy a sunlit stroll, it’s the place to be.

Oh, and did we mention the plethora of shops and restaurants in the vicinity? From gourmet restaurants to cozy cafes, every palate and preference finds its match. Weekends in Emerald Hills are always exciting, be it a family day out, a romantic dinner date, or some ‘me-time’ with a book at a local cafe.

Safety First

A critical aspect, often overlooked when scenic views and amenities sway us, is safety. But in Emerald Hills, you’ll sleep easy. With a crime rate significantly lower than the national average, residents of this enclave can take nightly strolls or let their kids play outside with a sense of security.

Real Estate Opportunities

Emerald Hills isn’t just a place to live; it’s an investment. With the upward trend in Florida’s real estate market, locking in a home here could be your best move yet. Whether you’re looking for a modern mansion, a charming vintage home, or something in between, you’ll find it here.

If you’ve been occasionally or even obsessively searching for Emerald Hills FL homes for sale, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The variety of architectural styles, lot sizes, and scenic views cater to both the minimalist and the extravagant. There’s genuinely a place for everyone.

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