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All About Life by the Water: The Waterfront Living Guide

Have you ever found yourself drifting into a daydream, where the soft rhythm of waves replaces your morning alarm? Or where your morning coffee is accompanied by the refreshing aroma of the sea? It’s a familiar fantasy for many of us. Hollywood FL waterfront homes aren’t just properties; they’re a lifestyle, a dream. You might wonder, “Is this life even for me? Can I truly swap city noise for ocean whispers?” We hear you. Those fluttering feelings of desire mixed with a sprinkle of doubt? Totally valid. But living on a waterfront property isn’t something out of reach; it’s not just a fantasy; it is completely attainable and closer than you think. Read to find out about waterfront living.

Let’s go!

The Many Aspects of Waterfront Living

The Beauty of the View

No matter who you talk to, this will be the number one point they mention about Hollywood FL waterfront homes. You open your eyes, get out of bed, draw the curtains, and BOOM! The most amazing view greets you. And the best part is that it’s not a one-off thing; you can have this view every day. Moreover, you won’t ever get bored of it and want something else.


Because it’s not just a view but a masterpiece, given to you by nature to enjoy forever.

But wait! There’s more!

As the day progresses, this masterpiece evolves and changes, offering mesmerizing iterations throughout the day, and at night, a beautiful view of moonlit waters with stars up above lulls you to sleep.

Recreational Activities

Okay, okay, enough about the view. Not that it’s ever boring. We could go on and on about it. But that’s not what life by the water is all about. When you opt for Hollywood FL waterfront homes, it’s an immersive experience with a multitude of activities that you can partake in at your leisure.

Don’t know what we’re talking about?

Imagine this: You wake up on a sunny Sunday, get out of bed, and admire the view for a bit, and then suddenly, you get the feeling that you need to go fishing. How many hours do you need to actually do that? Not hours, but minutes! Within minutes, you’re walking out to the water, fishing rod, and bait in one hand, a cooler with your favorite beverage in the other.

Imagine this, too: Maybe you’re not into fishing, but kayaking. There’s nothing like going out to the sea when no one’s around, the sky a tapestry of colors and hues, the water reflecting the sky, and the waves all around you. The same is true if you’re into boating.

What more can you do? The sky is the limit!

Choosing the Perfect Spot

Contemplating the type of waterfront experience that enchants you is a thoughtful beginning. Is it a secluded haven for retreat and rejuvenation that you seek? Perhaps the ease of dock access for impromptu boating ventures excites you. Or, the allure lies in an elevated perch from where the playful antics of dolphins and the graceful flight of seabirds become a daily spectacle. Recognizing your heart’s desire is fundamental in discovering that ideal waterfront home—it’s more than a property acquisition; it’s a lifestyle choice.

The Realities of Waterfront Homes

While the idea of living beside the water is undeniably charming, it entails a distinctive set of considerations. In Hollywood, FL, homes near saltwater require a tender, loving care routine. The salty breeze, invigorating during morning strolls, can be a bit stringent on properties. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your home in an immaculate state.

Protection is paramount. Proximity to nature’s whims necessitates specialized insurance to shield against unexpected natural occurrences. And a keen awareness of local regulations is indispensable. Ever thought about the building codes along the shoreline? Or the accountability for the seawall safeguarding your estate? These crucial questions need clear answers for a seamless waterfront living experience.

Navigating Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

Venturing further into waterfront living, should your choice fall on a community property, you’ll step into the domain of HOAs. They are instrumental in preserving the allure, order, and essence of waterfront communities, albeit with a set of guidelines.

Envision discovering your dream waterfront home in Hollywood, FL, with fantasies of evening barbecues by the shore. Does the HOA permit personal docks or outdoor structures? And the boat you’ve envisioned owning, what are the stipulations regarding its parking? If the idea of occasionally listing your waterfront gem for vacation rentals intrigues you, understanding the HOA’s perspective on short-term rentals is crucial. Knowledge is empowering, ensuring a harmonious living milieu.

Partner with Waterfront Specialists: Martin Hoffman and MaryEllen Closius with The Keyes Company

As the dream inches closer to reality, having a seasoned guide like Martin Hoffman and MaryEllen Closius with The Keyes Company can be a game-changer. The waterfront real estate landscape in places like Hollywood, FL, is expansive and nuanced. With our profound understanding and enthusiasm for the lifestyle, waterfront specialists who deal with waterfront homes can serve as your compass.

Consider us as your personal navigators, elucidating local regulations, demystifying maintenance nuances, and sharing your zeal. Our experience, having aided countless individuals in realizing their waterfront living dreams, provides invaluable insights.

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